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Oklahoma’s Top Foundation Stabilization Solution Trusted by Structural Engineers

URETEK ICR – Oklahoma provides expert, environmentally-friendly void fill solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential structures for the state of Oklahoma. Voids are usually caused by interior and exterior water leaks, washouts, and poor soil compaction under or close to your structure. They affect the structural integrity of the soil around or under your structure, potentially causing sinkholes, foundation problems, or concrete failure.

With over 35 years of experience, we have the expertise to provide you with a customized solution to fill and repair visible and subsurface voids that can, or already are, affecting your building or structure. Our innovative Deep Injection® process is a cost-effective, fast process that does not require evacuation. Our patented URETEK geopolymer is injected into the soil; it expands when injected, repairing the void, strengthening the surrounding soil to prevent future problems, and supporting your foundation, slab, or pavement to prevent additional damage. URETEK’s professionally trained and certified work crews will ensure that your repair project is completed fast, accurately, and safely.

Benefits of Void Fill Pressure Grouting

  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s geopolymer foam can be injected into moist soils, including standing or flowing water. The expanding foam expels water during set-up, allowing fast repairs that can stop erosion and prevent future erosion
  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s injection process is fast setting, reaching 90% strength in 15 minutes. This means you can use your patio, deck, or porch in as little as 15 minutes after application completion.
  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s injection process is moisture resistant, manufactured to meet strict standards and is environmentally safeURETEK ICR OKLAHOMA contains no water and meets strict consistency and quality standards. It is moisture resistant and lightweight, and will not compromise sub-base soils. URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA is NSF/ANSI 61 certified.
  • Our slab lifting methods and technologies deliver results to 1/10” accuracy. The polymer foam does not shrink during curing and the material does not spread beyond desired area, providing maximum control over the repair.
  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s injection process is fast, with minimal disruption. Most jobs are completed in one day, so you can enjoy your deck, patio, and porch the same day. Our process uses 5/8” insertion holes, does not damage the slab or pavement, and generates minimal dust or dirt.

URETEK ICR – Oklahoma specializes in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, and has provided void filling and soil stabilization solutions for thousands of satisfied customers. Our Deep Injection® process offers cost-effective, long-lasting repairs, offering savings for the immediate repair and minimizing the need for future repairs.

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