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Oklahoma’s Top Foundation Inspection Services

URETEK ICR – Oklahoma offers foundation inspection services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and structures. By inspecting and evaluating your foundation, our experienced team can identify any existing or potential problems with your home or building’s structural slab or foundation. Identifying problems early can save on costly repairs and prevent additional damage to your home or building. Our inspectors are qualified to inspect and evaluate the condition of your foundation and, if we identify any problems, review your foundation repair options with you.

URETEK is a leader in foundation restoration and slab repair, specializing in innovative solutions to common foundation repair, crawl space, and soil stabilization problems for commercial and residential properties.

Our exhaustive, expert inspection process includes:

  • Exterior Inspection. Our inspector will inspect the exterior foundation of your building to identify warning signs of problems. These include cracks in the brick or foundation, brick or concrete separation from doors or window casing, fascia board separation, and deflection in grout lines in exterior veneers. A drawing of your foundation indicating any issues or potential issues will be prepared.
  • Interior Floor Plan. We’ll prepare an interior floor plan of the building. The plan will detail the layout of the building, complete with elevation measurements for all the floors in the building. This drawing provides the information we need on the present elevation of your foundation slab.
  • Interior Inspection. The inspector will perform an extensive inspection of your building to check for interior sheetrock or concrete cracks, doors that are not plumb or do not close, framing that is pulling apart, and other indicators that your foundation may need repair.
  • Problem determination. The information from our inspections, elevation measurements, and drawings, our inspector will determine if you have an existing foundation problem or potential problems. The elevation readings are used to determine if any excessive settling has occurred, or if the slope was built in when the building was constructed. We will use the interior and exterior inspection results to confirm our evaluation.
  • Review Results. Our inspector will review the detailed results with you, identifying any issues or potential issues we identified and repairs that may be required. If there are no issues, we’ll let you know. We’ll make sure that you fully understand the report and our conclusions. We’ll let you know whether any issues we found are cosmetic or structural, and present recommended repair options to you. You will have the information you need to make an informed decision about repairs.
  • Repair Options. URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA offers expert foundation repair services using our unique geopolymer injection process to repair your foundation and stabilize the soil under your home or building. We’ll explain the benefits of a URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA solution over more traditional foundation repair methods.

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