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Oklahoma’s Best Mudjacking Alternative Solution Trusted by Structural Engineers

For over 25 years, URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA has been providing long-term, cost-effective foundation, slab and pavement repair services. URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s Deep Injection® process is an innovative process used to repair building foundations, structural slabs, and pavements. It is an effective, economical alternative to traditional mudjacking processes. Our Deep Injection® process:

  • Lifts and realigns interior foundations, structural slabs, and pavements
  • Fills voids in subsurface soils & under concrete
  • Increased the density of and stabilizes load-bearing soils
  • Controls soil erosion

URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA’s patented two-part expanded polymer foam is injected into the soil under the foundation or slab, and its unique formula uses chemical expansion, rather than hydraulic pressure, to fill voids and bond with weak and unconsolidated soils. By bonding with the soil, URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA increases soil density, and can increase ground-bearing capacity by up to 500%.


URETEK Polyurethane Injection Mud Jacking & Slabjacking
Permanent lift & stabilization is standard. Polyurethane material is guaranteed for 10 years. Longevity of lift/repairs is expected to last for approximately 1 year. University of Illinois Study 1985-1989.
Small 5/8” holes, about the size of a penny, are drilled to inject polyurethane with no damage to existing concrete slab. Large 2 to 3 inch holes are drilled to inject high pressure grout. This can compromise the concrete causing breakout at the bottom of the slab.
Chemical reaction creates expansion of polyurethane that lifts the slab. Fluid or Hydraulic pressure of grout lifts the slab.
Expands in less than one minute and reaches 90% strength within 15 minutes. Requires additional cure time of 4 hours or more to complete hydration.
Surgical precision lift to desired elevation is accomplished. An “over-lift” is necessary to compensate for water loss in the grout as it cures.
Low Pressure Injection of polyurethane beneath concrete slabs. High Pressure Pumping of cement grout beneath concrete slabs.
Savings over tear out and replace. One time cost. Ongoing cost due to need for rework/repair of same area.


Advantage’s of URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA’s Deep Injection® process

Our Deep Injection® process offers reduced cost and time when compared to traditional mudjacking repair methods – with up to 90% reduction in time and 80% lower cost. URETEK’s professionally trained and certified work crews will ensure that your repair project is completed fast, accurately, and safely.

  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA can be injected into moist soils, including standing or flowing water. The expanding foam expels water during set-up, allowing fast repairs that can stop erosion and prevent future erosion
  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA fast setting, reaching 90% strength in 15 minutes. This means you can use your highway, road, runway, bridge approach/departure slab or underground infrastructure in as little as 15 minutes after application completion.
  • URETEK ICR OKLAHOMA is moisture resistant, manufactured to meet strict standards and is environmentally safe. Unlike traditional mudjacking materials, URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA’s polymer does not contain water and meets strict consistency and quality standards. You can be assured that it will perform as expected, each and every time. It is moisture resistant and lightweight, and will not compromise sub-base soils. URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA is NSF 61 certified.
  • Our pavement lifting methods and technologies deliver results to 1/10” accuracy. The polymer foam does not shrink during curing and the material does not spread beyond desired area, providing maximum control over the repair.
  • Deep Injection® is fast, with minimal disruption to traffic or your building’s occupants. Our crews complete the project, often in hours, versus the days or weeks using traditional methods. Using 5/8” insertion holes, our process does not damage the foundation, slabs, or pavement, while allowing our crews to quickly inject the foam for maximum results.

URETEK ICR – OKLAHOMA specializes in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, and has provided pavement lifting and soil stabilization solutions for thousands of satisfied customers. Our Deep Injection® process offers cost-effective, long-lasting repairs, offering savings for the immediate repair and minimizing the need for future repairs.

Servicing All Cities in Oklahoma, including:

  • Yukon, OK
  • Norman, OK
  • Moore, OK
  • Enid, OK
  • Duncan, OK
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Broken Arrow, OK
  • Edmond, OK
  • Ardmore, OK

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