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Oklahoma’s Best Foam Foundation Repair Solution Trusted by Structural Engineers

Since 2007, URETEK ICR Oklahoma has been providing long-term, cost-effective foam foundation repair services for interior & exterior foundation problems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings all across the state.

Erosion isn’t always a slow process. When natural disasters occur, infrastructure, commercial property, and residential buildings can all sustain significant damage. URETEK – Oklahoma is ready to respond and The URETEK Method® is just what you need to recover quickly when emergency strikes. We work to your timeline, so when you need us we are ready.

If your home or building has cracking tiles, cracks in your walls, or sticking doors in the central portion of the structure, you may have interior foundation problems. These are usually due to settling from uneven soil compaction under the foundation or erosion and washouts under the building. Repairs to interior foundations traditionally require the installation of interior pilings to shore up the foundation, a costly, time-consuming, and messy process.

Foam Injection for Foundation Jacking

URETEK ICR Oklahoma’s foam foundation repair services offer a cost-effective, non-invasive, and faster alternative to interior pilings / piers. Our innovative process injects URETEK’s patented polyurethane foam under the foundation to repair the soil and lift the foundation.

Our unique expanding foam:

  • Lifts and realigns interior foundations, structural slabs, and pavements
  • Fills voids in subsurface soils & under concrete
  • Increases the density of and stabilizes load-bearing soils
  • Controls soil erosion.

The foam is structural grade, long-lasting, hydro-sensitive, and environmentally-friendly.

URETEK’s professionally trained and certified work crews will ensure that your foam injection project is completed fast, accurately, and safely.  Our technicians will inspect your building and foundation to identify the problem and develop a custom solution to repair your foundation. Our process is fast, accurate, and clean.

Benefits of Foam Injection Foundation Repair

  • Our crew drills penny-sized holes through the foundation to be used as injection sites for our geopolymer.
  • The foam is injected directly underneath your foundation, using a patented polyurethane foam compound selected for your foundation.
  • The foam begins to expand immediately. Our two-part formula generates a chemical reaction that causes the expansion. No toxic or harmful odors or gasses are produced in the chemical reaction.
  • The foam bonds with and stabilizes the soil under the foundation, by filling voids, soil fissures, and gently compacting loose soil. The foam is moisture-resistant, sealing the foundation and preventing future damage from water penetration and erosion.
  • The foam lifts the subsided foundation to repair it. Our technicians monitor the foundation as it lifts to ensure an accurate repair. Our patented foam does not shrink as it cures, allowing us to provide accurate lift to within 1/10th of an inch.
  • URETEK foams cure quickly, and most repairs can be completed within a day. Any disruption to your business is minimal, as the impacted area can be used once curing is completed, many times as fast as 15 minutes.

Our process does not require breaking up and digging out large sections of your floor to install pilings. It generates minimal dust and does not require refinishing or restoring any flooring. All our machinery is contained in an enclosed trailer, minimizing noise and dirt.

URETEK ICR – Oklahoma specializes in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, and has provided foam foundation repair solutions for thousands of satisfied customers. Our foam foundation repair injection processes offer cost-effective, long-lasting repairs, offering savings for immediate repair and minimizing the need for future repairs.

Contact us or call today to see how our innovative foam injection process can solve your interior foundation lifting challenge.