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DCP Testing – Equipment & Procedures

URETEK ICR Oklahoma utilizes a dynamic cone penetrometer in the daily application of The URETEK™ Deep Injection® Process.

The primary purpose of this tool is to locate the weak zones in the soils and quantify the comparative degree of ground densification improvement achieved by the process, as exhibited by the increased number of percussive blows required to penetrate the treated soil mass, when compared to a pre-injection test performed within the confines of the treated mass.

A certain number of penetrometer test sets (pre- & post injection) are performed on each project at URETEK’s discretion for URETEK’s verification of their processes and methods.

The URETEK penetrometer is a metric tool designated DPM 30; the percussive head weighs 30 kilos, it is dropped a constant 20 centimeters, and the blows are measured every 10 centimeters. The hydraulically operated tool is powered by an electric or gas motor.

While this tool is typically utilized exclusively by and for URETEK to verify site conditions, it is also used to correlate to geotechnical Standard Penetration Tests, (NPST).

Additional detailed information is available from URETEK ICR Oklahoma to discerning individuals interested in learning more about the utilization of dynamic cone penetrometers for comparative verification of soil densities.