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The URETEK Method

The URETEK Method® is a patented process which involves the controlled injection of an expanding, high-density structural structural polymer under concrete and in subsurface soils to:

  • Lift/Realign Interior Foundation, Structural Slabs and Pavements
  • Fill Voids in Subsurface Soils and Under Concrete
  • Densify/Stabilize Load-Bearing Soils
  • Control Soil Erosion

How the URETEK Method® is superior to traditional “jacking” methods:

No Need to Interrupt Operation During Repair

  • 5/8″ insertion holes mean minimal dust and debris produced
  • Low impact, low noise procedure

Work Completion in Hours Not Days

  • Materials reach 90% Strength in 15 Minutes
  • Most projects completed in hours

Environmentally Friendly and Waterproof

  • URETEK’s Patented Hydro-Insensitive Expanding Structural Geo-Polymer Material is environmentally friendly (NSF 61 certified) and will not harm water resources
  • Hydro-insensitive material is not affected by groundwater or substructure moisture

 Greatest Accuracy & Predictability

  • The URETEK Method relies on chemical expansion, NOT hydraulic pressure.
  • Controllable Expansion Ratios- short curing time ensures the material does not spread beyond the desired area.

 Deep Injection

URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process involves injecting our patented, expanding, high-density structural polymer below surface level. The Deep Injection® Process allows for injection that pinpoints voids or weak and unconsolidated soils, providing up to a 500% increase in ground bearing capacity.

Diagram of Uretek Deep Injection Process illustrating structural polymer below the surface

 URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process will:

  • Consolidate and densify sub-soils
  • Fill subsurface voids
  • Increase the load-bearing capacity of treated areas up to 500%